Fourth of July Chocolate Covered Strawberries Dessert


One of the best parts of Fourth of July is the cookouts and BBQ’s with friends. I am almost always in charge of the Fourth of July desserts, and I am totally okay with that!

fourth of july dessert

Fourth of July always brings me back to my childhood.   I can see the smoke coming from the BBQ, I can smell chlorine from the pool in my hair, and I can taste whatever light, refreshing snack my mother would bring out for everyone as a treat before dad was finished with the grill.

It is going to be extremely hot outside this year, and because of this fact my brain keeps screaming out freezer cake, which would be great, but my freezer is already completely packed with ice cream treats.   I thought something light, juicy and sweet would hit the spot- and of course something Rory could help with.   We took a page out of my mom’s book with a pre-dinner  treat.   We went completely festive…Red, White, and Blue Strawberries!

  • Strawberries (I prefer large ones)
  • White chocolate (or melting chocolate)
  • Milk chocolate
  • Patriotic sprinkles
  • Wax paper

The first step is to wash your strawberries. You want them washed and entirely dry before dipping or they will cause the chocolate to seize and it will be a mess.

Because we had multiple things going, I decided to melt  the chocolate in the microwave instead of a  double boiler.  I figured this would not only lessen the heat in the house, but it would also be a lot safer since I have an energetic toddler eager to help!

To melt chocolates, I normally use my defrost button and put my microwave on the lowest power level setting it has for 30 seconds.  After 20 seconds, stir it and continue heating until it is all melted.

Just a warning, the chocolate you just melted is going to be very hot.   Since I didn’t want my toddler to burn herself, I dipped the strawberry in the chocolate, let it cool for a little bit and then let her dip it in the sprinkles.

Strawberries in chocolate with USA flag decoration on wooden background. selective focus

Since she  is extremely impatient, we discussed colors while I dipped the strawberry in and waited for it to cool.  We talked about the RED strawberry and other things that are RED: tomatoes, flowers, and Mommy’s hair.

When the strawberry came out after being dipped in the white chocolate we talked about everything WHITE: snow, polar bears, and she even said, “kittens.” 🙂

If you are going for the striped look, try to dip the strawberry 2/3 of the way into the white chocolate, making sure there is enough red to be seen. Otherwise, you can cover the strawberry entirely in chocolate and then add the sprinkles while the chocolate is still melted before it cools entirely.

little girl dipping strawberries

Because we dipped so many strawberries, we talked about other like things besides color; we talked about other fruits when she  watched me dip the strawberries, other sweet treats beside chocolates when we coated the strawberries, and other things that sparkled besides the blue sprinkles.

Set aside any dipped strawberries on wax paper and let cool completely.

Keep in the fridge until ready to serve.

These are so easy and fun to make. Plus, you can decorate them any way you’d like!

Strawberries in chocolate with USA flag decoration on wooden background4th of July conceptempty space

Here are some more great 4th of July activities for kids:


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