Last week we made a simple discovery bottle with our kids. A Fine Motor Skills Bottle activity.

There is little that will keep my tots attention for very long. They seem to love to flutter from activity to activity… until this bottle came along!

Be sure to add this to your list of great activities for 2 year olds!

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Make a Fine Motor Skills Bottle

All you need for your own bottle:

  • Empty clean water bottle with a lid.
  • Handful of toothpicks.
  • Screw.

fine motor skills


Poke a hole into the lid of the bottle using a screw that is the slightly wider than the toothpicks.

fine motor skills
We have three toddlers/young preschoolers…

I love how this activity brought them together. They all wanted to take turns dropping the toothpicks and hearing the pitter-patter of the toothpicks falling into the bottle.

sensory bottles
The finished product is a fun musical instrument. When you shake it, the bottle sounds like falling rain.

fine motor skills

We have made other discovery bottles in the past.

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fine motor skills

Did your kids enjoy this fine motor skills activity? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page.


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