Electric Nail Files for Smoother Manicures at Home


DIY manis and pedis can take forever and require a bit of elbow grease. To speed through the process, try any of these electric nail files, like the type used at the spa. Each has a rotating head that can accomplish a number of tasks, from polishing to removing calluses. They’re a must-have for pretty nails on your own time.

Starter Set

This beginner-friendly kit contains six heads, some of which can remove dead skin, gel nail polish or dip powder. There are also three traditional files and a bonus brush for sweeping away residue.


With 11 attachments, this replaces several tools, saving you money. Find drill bits for buffing, plus pointed pieces for nail edges and more. The included cord is USB compatible.

Terrific for Toes

Easily smooth out hard nails using the mandrel head with any of the 106 disposable sanding bands. Additional accessories: large and small barrels, safety and cone bits and a needle head.


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