In Todays just ” me ,me ” world ,it can be very easy to forget the massage of instant gratification ,consumerism . If we want to raise a kids who are pleasant company and genuinely nice people we can help to guide our kids a behavior that promote positive characters like kindness, generosity and empathy for those who need help. Here are a few ways to infuse into your kids to importance of giving 

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  1. Being a parent it is necessary to make our kids understand the meaning of family. While providing our kids with all luxury ,it is also become our duty to help them seek opportunities of understanding the live of the deprived and the under privileged, in order to raise them into kinder beings.
  2. To encourage empathy in your child to talk about her or him feelings . When a conflict occur with a friends ask them t imagine ,how the friend might be feeling. And show them ways of managing the emotions and work positively towards the resolutions.
  3. As a parents we must encourage our kids to developing a habit of serving to the socity.We must teach our kids for domestic help .These activities acts as a building block .Every parents can raise humane and considerate kids.
  4. As you encourage positive behavior such as doing somethings to make some ones day better ,be sure to talk about what negative behavior like gossiping or bullying, and why or how you hurts people.
  5. Many of us find it easy to command a kids but not to follow ,and at time we don’t follow our own commands. The kid thinks if the parents doesnt do it, it is okey for me to not to follow the rules as well. So if we tell our people to help people ,we must go with them.
  6. When kids helps other they learn to think about the needs of those less fortunate then they are. They can feel proud of themselves for making a difference in other lives.
  7. We as parents need to provide our kids with the space of choosing their own career, and making their own choice . This way they will learn to respect other choice. Presiding kids during their growing years ends up making them stubborn .
  8. Teaching your child how to be grateful and how to express that gratitude is key ingredient of raising a good kids. So we should teach our child to say “Thank you”.
  9. Consider how you interact with others. If you want to raise a good child ,conduct yourself in the way you want your child to act.
  10. Parents who hold back on giving children boundaries and correcting bad behavior may actually be harming their child with good intention. As soon as you see some behavior problem like lying or anything else, handle them with love.

Being a parents is the most important job in this universe . We are shaping an individual and our behavior or actions directly influence our kids.


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