Origami is great craft; it doesn’t require much to do it and it is fab for developing fine motor stills.   Now that everything has gone to online classes (including the Scouts), we have been asking the kids to try and do some of their badges at home. One of the easy ones to do is their book badge. Part of the requirements that they have to fulfil is to make a book mark. I thought it would be fun to put up the origami koala bookmark that I have been working on.

Make sure that you follow my origami board on Pinterest for more ideas. Don’t forget to save my pin for later.

To make your own origami koala bookmark you will need:

  • 1 piece of square paper that it is 13x13cm
  • 1 piece of square paper that is 7x7cm
  • Glue stick

To make the body:

I’m going to give photo instructions, rather than try and type it out. It isn’t difficult. If you know any origami, then you will be starting with the water bomb base.

Start by using the bigger piece of paper.

origami koala bookmark

origami koala bookmark

origami koala bookmark

origami koala bookmark

This is the end of the koala’s body.

To make the head:

Use the small piece of paper for this one.

origami koala bookmark

origami koala bookmark

Don’t forget to draw a face on.

origami koala bookmark

When you have finished both parts it is time to glue it together. On the body glue down the side flaps.

Then glue the head to the body.

Ta Da! Now you have a fantastic origami koala bookmark. Do forgive the book that I am using, it was the one that I am currently reading (it is hilarious and I highly recommend it).

If you enjoyed making this origami koala bookmark be sure to check out my origami boomerangs and origami frogs.

Pin for later:

Easy origami Koala Bookmarks


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