Kids Bathtub Paint is the greatest thing since… your kids first discovered how much they love amazing, messy, regular paint!

My preschool kids love to paint and I don’t love to clean up the mess. What if you could combine painting with cleaning the bathtub? Wouldn’t that be awesome?  

bath tub paint recipe from the book 101 Kids activities

Kids Bathtub Paint Recipe

Can you paint a bathtub? Yes you can with this bathtub paint! You can make it thick and use it as finger paint, or you can dilute it and use it with paintbrushes.

This DIY bathtub paint is washable, does not stain and will help you clean your tub. So sit near the bathroom with a good book and let your kids have a blast! It won’t be quiet, but at least you can have some mommy down time.

Supplies Needed To Make Bathtub Paint


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I used the antibacterial scented hand soap, but whatever you use, know your kids will coat themselves with it – so be sure to pick something you know they don’t have a reaction to.

diy bathtub paint in red and blue

You can make as many colors of DIY bathtub paint as you want.

How To Make Bathtub Paint

  1. In a sauce pan, mix the cornstarch into the hot water until it is dissolved and the consistency is pasty.
  2. Add the soap and mix until there are no chunks.
  3. Heat on medium until just boiling. The soap should have a gel-like consistency as it cools.
  4. Add food coloring. Store in an airtight container.
  5. The paint may separate slightly when stored, so be sure to stir before use.
Fun Bathtime Idea: Play with Bathtub Paint

Make rainbows, draw with your fingers, leave handprints, the bathtub is your canvas!

Note: Test the paint on a patch of your tub to ensure that your food coloring does not stain – and have fun!

Homemade Bath Paint

Now that you have homemade bath paint let your little one create as much washable art as they’d like! Make rainbows, draw portraits, leave handprints, the bathtub is your canvas!

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