Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

Who else loves to ride their bicycle? We sure do! A helmet is the most important part of getting ready to ride, so we thought we’d help you make it a little more fun with this super friendly dog design. It’s simple to make and fun to show off to your friends! Arf arf!

Important note: these decorations are not permanent and will not harm the surface of the helmet. Round adhesive fasteners are removable if you choose to switch up or remove your helmet design.

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

Things you’ll need

  • Hook and loop round adhesive fasteners
  • Sheet of paper
  • Large plastic eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Permanent markers
  • Fun foam
  • Scissors
Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

First, let’s make your ears! You can use your sheet of paper to draw a template and scale up your ears and muzzle so they match the size of your helmet. Does your dog have big ears? Little ears? It’s up to you!  We made these ears by drawing a large triangular shape with rounded edges and drew an oval shape for the muzzle.

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

Cut out the template and trace the shapes onto your fun foam. Cut out all of the shapes!

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

With a permanent marker, draw the mouth and whiskers. Draw and cut out a small black triangle shape for your nose.

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

Add a tongue if you like. Glue the nose and tongue into place with a glue stick.

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

Here are all of your pieces! Tip: If you don’t have large plastic eyes, you could make some circles with fun foam. Ready to stick?

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

To assemble, add your adhesive fasteners to the back of each shape.

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

Stick the fasteners together with the sticky side up.

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

Press them onto your helmet to stick them in place.

Decorate Your Helmet Like A Dog!

Happy riding! Arf arf!

Get in the bicycle mood and sing along to “I Like To Ride My Bicycle!”

Try other bicycle helmet decorations! Find step by step instructions to make a bug or a butterfly and flowers for your helmet!

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