Costco Is Selling An Advent Calendar That Is Stuffed With Beer So, Cheers To That


A few days ago, we discovered that Costco’s Wine Advent Calendars are back! The yearly calendar features 24 half bottles of various wines from around the world to sample for the holiday season. But what if you’re just not a wine person?

Costco to the rescue again! Not only to they sell a wine advent calendar, they now sell a BEER Advent Calendar!

The Brewer’s Advent Calendar features 24 doors to lead up to Christmas, with a different beer behind each one. All of the beers are imported from Germany and are described on the box so you’ll know what you’re drinking.

The Beer calendar also features and app to learn more about the beers you’ll be enjoying, just like the Wine Calendar. The craft beers come in a variety of flavors, so you’ll definitely want to know more about your favorites.

Like the Wine Advent Calendar, the Beer Advent Calendar at Costco sells out quickly. You’ll want to look for it soon, then save it for December 1st if you want a traditional Advent calendar.

The calendar retails at Costco for $59.99, for 24-16.9oz cans of beer. Check out last year’s calendar for a peek at what you might find!

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