Costco is Selling A Ready-to-Eat Fruit and Cheese Tray and I’m On My Way To Get One


I absolutely love the charcuterie board, or cheese board, as a trend for entertaining. They are so pretty when they’re all set up and I feel like everything goes better with cheese. Just cheese alone works too!

Fruit and Cheese Tray

We usually have a few kinds of cheese at home, but it’s not always the fancy kinds that truly belong on a cheese board. And, even if we do have the right cheeses, there’s still fruit, jam, and crackers that you need for the perfect board.

Once again, it’s Costco to the rescue!

Now, everyone’s favorite warehouse store is offering a ready-to-eat cheese and fruit tray that is just begging to be put out on your charcuterie board. (Board not included, but a pretty wooden cutting board double in a pinch.)

Spotted at Costco by Instagram user costco_empties, this tray is apparently a brand new offering. You’ll find it tucked into the prepared foods section and all ready to go home with you.

The Costco fruit and cheese tray includes:

  • 3 assorted hard cheeses
  • Double creme brie
  • Crackers
  • Fig jam
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Almonds

At $7.99/pound, each tray averages around $20. When you think about purchasing each of the items separately, it really seems like a great deal, just for the time saving option.

As with many Costco items, we’re never sure if they are seasonal or temporary, so you’ll want to head to your store soon to check it out.

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