Costco Is Selling $9 Bottles of Ready-To-Drink Strawberry Margarita


Need a pick me up this week? Get ready to head to Costco!

Costco Is Selling $9 Bottles of Ready-To-Drink Strawberry Margarita Mix and I am on my way.


This Kirkland Strawberry Margarita comes in a 1.5 L bottle (ya, a giant bottle) and is ready-to-drink.

You can chill and serve or just bust it open and drink straight from the bottle when you get home (no judgement here).

It’s made with 100% de agave wine, 100% cane sugar and has 12.75% alc vol. Oh, and of course it contains lime juice. YUM!

People are spotting this at their local Costco for around $8.99 a bottle which is a steal if you ask me.

You should know that this isn’t available in all locations but if you can find it, you might want to stock up for Summer. Just saying!

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