Parenting can be more enjoyable when a positive parent-child relationship is established. Good communications is the key to building self-esteem as well as a mutual respect. Kids need to feel loved and appreciated.

These 10 skills will make a good positive difference

  1. By encouraging your children to keep talking you indicate your continuing interest in what they have to say. This strengthens the communication process and the connection between you.. In the context of active listening encouraging has nothing to do with giving pep talks or patting your kids on the back , but rather prompting them to continue taking.
  2. If you are very angry about a behavior don’t attempt communication until you regain your cool.because you cannot be objective until then. It is better to stop sattle down and talk to the child later.
  3. Listen carefully and politely ,don’t interrupt the child when they trying to tell their story. Don’t be a wipeout artist , unraveling minor threads of a story ,and never allowing the child’s own them to develop.
  4. Active listining has several parts..Beginning with making the commitment to listen. These commitments makng yourself emotionally as well as physically available by investing the time and energy to listen attentivly. These commitment is evidence by such action is turning towards your child and making eye contact ,turning off the tv , putting down the phone ,temporarily discontinuing whatever else consumes your attention ,and keeping other distractions at bay.
  5. Respond your child with real emotions. Don’t go over the top with reaction. For the everyday tracking we need to stay in touch with their lives.
  6. Talk about yourself if you want your child talk about themselves. When you talk about yourself it reminds kids about things in their distance memory three hours earlier. Try not to lecture and pay attention to those subtle singles of going on too long.
  7. Asking questions in response to what your kids tell you demonstrates that you are paying attention. Moreover the use of questions can help provide important clarifications and increases understanding for both you and your kids. Be sure it is a communications not an interrogations ,so not to barrage your kids with overuse questions.
  8. Acknowledging or providing feedback indicates an accurate reception of the massage your kids send. Encouraging invites your kids to continue speaking.
  9. Let your kids know that you are interested and involved. Embarrassing the child in front of other will lead only to resentment .
  10. Assists your child in planning some specific step to the solutions. Reinforce the child for keeping communications open. Do this by accepting them and praising them to communicate.

If we follow those tips ..we will definitely see the changes…


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