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Long before lockdown happened, we had been looking for a tutor for our eldest son. He was getting to that age where he only has a couple years before high school and still was really keen to learn more than he was at school currently, especially when it came to math. So when lockdown was enforced I slightly panicked knowing my math skills were nothing like his so how was I not only going to keep him up to level with his age but challenge him more too.

one-to-one maths tuition session online tutoring toota


In came toota into our lives and we are completely converted. It’s a new service offering online one-to-one maths tutoring with fully qualified teachers. toota gives you access to some of the best maths teachers in the UK which put my mind at ease knowing they could help him with his math homeschooling more than I could. The teachers can cover all ages, from Key Stage 1 to A-level maths.

Our One-on-One Maths Session:

We had our first trial session of 40 minutes with one of their registered teachers. Right away, I was impressed how easy and fast it was to sign up, book a teacher and session on their website. It’s not only user friendly dashboard but I didn’t have to plan days in advance. We literally got a slot the next day.

Our Maths tutor:

As with all teachers, they are all different, I think they matched B up really well with someone he could work with and feel comfortable with. Our tutor was professional and efficient in the time that was scheduled. He was patient when needs be and guided B through his problems when he was struggling. He really pushed B to think harder and outside the box for more challenging problems. He also showed him easier ways to find answers to big problems which he didn’t know about.

one-to-one maths tuition session online tutoring toota

The Session Experience:

Once the session starts, you are launched onto a notepad system that you share with your teacher. You can use webcam if they want to talk face to face with their teacher and both student and teacher can write on the same notepad page which acts like an online white board. All your sessions are recorded so you can review later as well as your notepad pages saved on your dashboard to refer to under your revision library.

one-to-one maths tuition session online tutoring toota

The notepad gives you the choice to write with a pen, type text on the screen, use eraser, change font color for more visual learning and is everything you need so no pen and paper necessary. You just log in and start learning.

B found it easy to navigate himself so I didn’t have to sit and do it for him. He knew how to write on the screen and fix his mistakes and turn on webcam when he needed to. So I knew he could do his session independently next to me without me having to be apart of the session.

one-to-one maths tuition session online tutoring toota

The benefits of a One-on-One Maths Tuition Sessions:

If you are working from home it can be hard teaching your child at the same time whilst making sure they are at the right level. Or even know where to begin to teach them yourself if your own math skills aren’t up to par. There are so many benefits for getting a one-on-one session booked for your child. In a family setting or even in a classroom setting children are often not open about not understanding certain ideas or topics. They might be too embarrassed to say, “I don’t understand” or perhaps the class has moved on before they could voice their concerns. I find one-on-one sessions make it way easier to know what level your child is at and how they are coping with it. It’s also a more comfortable environment for them to speak up in.

The best thing next to furthering your child’s education is that there is no need to download any software, no apps, it’s just a seamless online tuition service built and designed straight from their site. Easy to navigate. Easy to sign up. Easy to use and learn on. NOW all you have to do is book a FREE 40-minute one-to-one maths tuition session for your child. Don’t forget to use code “TALKFREE” when you click the link. 

We enjoyed our experience and have actually already booked for our next one-to-one tuition math session with one of their fully registered UK teachers. I like knowing that all toota tutors are required to pass an enhanced with barred lists DBS check on top of being registered UK teachers with qualified teacher status (QTS). They also have a 95% rebook rate which is amazing!

Only thing I would say is have an idea of what you want your child to work on or at least where your child is currently in their math level. It helps pin-point what needs worked on when you start your session and gives the tutor a place to start. They will ask you for a little brief when booking your appointment too, be detailed in your answer.

So whether you need a helping hand with the homeschooling to make sure your child is staying at the level they need or you need to challenge your child in a certain area of math further, a toota session can help you. You have nothing to lose using a free one-on-one maths trial session to find out yourself, use the code TALKFREE!



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