It is so natural for parents to do whatever they can to keep their child safe and healthy. parents who engage with their child during play time and guide them to clean up afterward may help kids with low self-regulation.

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Behaviour Of Parents # May Effects Their kid’s weight

  • A study found that toddler who had the ability to control their behavior, went on to have lower BMI ,if their parents engaged with them during playtime and helped them during clean up.,
  • A professor of human development and philosophy named Cynthia Stifter said that,when parents helped their kids to develop skills,it may help them to maintain a healthy weight.It is very important to identify the risk factor of childhood obesity, which is connected to diabetes,high blood pressure,asthma.
  • Stiffer suggested that ,if parents can help their child learn to self-regulate, child can use those skills in many other situations. Building those skills is a process, that’s isn’t develop on its own.
  • Researchs found that, the parents were more responsive during playtime and showed more gentle control during clean up, their kids were more likely to have a lower BMI if that kids also had bad regulation skills.But also its true that,  if the children started the study with good regulation skills, they actually more likely to have higher BMI.

When we have an influence on our Childs behavior, the child also affects their own development. we the parents should more responsive and using gentle control to guide our kids when possible.


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