Be Your Own Barista with a Handheld Milk Frother


For some, morning coffee is a non-negotiable part of the routine—a necessity to be alert and well, functional. But if you’re not able to make it to the local java spot, why not bring coffee shop vibes home? A plain cup of Joe will always do the trick but a milk frother means you can concoct a variety of coffee drinks in minutes. From lattes and cappuccinos to trendy treats like Dalgona coffee, here’s why you need a milk frother to up the ante.

If you’ve never done more to your coffee than add milk and stir, look for a frother that works with the push of a single button. That way you can experiment with no fuss and hone your frothing technique.

A battery operated frother is a great option for hectic mornings. It eliminates extra wires and allows you to choose where you whip up your drink. No need to look for counter space by an outlet.

The best baristas make drinkable works of art with fun designs in the foam, and now you can too. Look for frothers that include stencils for creating art in your coffee cup—or your kids’ hot chocolate!


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