It’s our common believe that astrology and sun signs effects the personality of our baby. Sun sign are defined according to the birth date of the baby.  Each sun sign or rashi has it’s own set of qualities, strength,talent. Here is a brief descriptions of sun sign that will help you to understand the personality of your baby better.

Baby’s Charecter Traits According To Sun Sign 

Aries (March 21 to April 20)
Aries baby have an active ,energetic and strong body and mind too. Some of the common traits in arise babies is their strong will power, independent nature and their courage. They are passionate and hard working. Sometime they may be lazy or stuborn too. Aries babies are truth tellers and their honesty can make them sound roud sometime.
Taurus (April 21 to May 21)-
Taurus baby have passive, harmonious ,creative ,beautiful personality. They are sensual ,materialistic child who appreciates what can be owned , touched and experienced…They often content to let things remain just as they are. They will be loving and generous. They are so good with their hands, they likes to produce what can be seen and appreciated.
Gemini (May 22 to June 21)
Gemini babies are very fun loving and energetic. They are talkie and quick witted . They like to be engage various activities. They are logical and expressive. Sometime their adoptable nature can cause them to change their mind too often. Due to their variety of interest they have many friends. They love to communicate. They are usually honest .
Cancer ( June 22 to July 23) – 
They are protective ,emotional,needy ,thoughtful,expressive and a creature of habit.,They strongly realist to others but needs the security of family and routing. And soon disappearing into there shell if they feel insecure. They are generous and willing to help other..
Leo ( July 24 to August 23) – 
They are very confident and love to express their talent . they are friendly and energetic and they like to get involved physical activities and sports..they might seems lion hearted but they are sensitive. They are practical but sometime dramatic..they excel well when their efforts are rewarded. They love to learn new things.
Virgo ( August24 to September 23) –
They are very cleaver,analytical effeciant ,critical ,careful and modest.. They loves cleanliness and tidiness. Their power of discrimination may make them choosy eater. They are very curious..they are interested in many things . they are always prepare to apply themselves fully to learning process.
Libra ( September 24 to October 23 ) – 
They are strong and honest. They love comfort and peace..they are good friends and companion too. They try their best to please other…they are quiet attractive and beautiful. They are extremely knowledgable and intelligent . they are knd hearted. Everyone can easily trusted them because they know how to maintain privacy of others. They are imaginative and love to read books.
Scorpio ( October 24 to November 22 ) –
They are loyal, manipulative, emotional , passionate, and mysterious. Their emotions run deep and hidden. They are a deep thinker. They may be suspicious of those they does not know .
Sagittarious (November 23 to December 21)-
They are helpful, playful, adventurus and active too. They enjoy the company of other people because they don’t like to stay alone. They are very honest and expect the same from others.. They love to explore new things.. Their obedient and outgoing nature gives them plenty of friends..
Capricorn ( December 22 to January 20) – 
They are formal ,committed, orderly , serious and responsible. They likes to be appreciated and encouraged for their efforts.. They are ambitious and hard worker.
Aquarius ( January 21 to February 19 ) –
They re actually calm and relaxed. They are  a quick learner and intelligent…They are innovative but sensitive also.. They have many friends and enjoy meeting new people. They are very confident and progressive in their thinking.
Pisces ( February 20 to March 20 ) –
They are imaginative, loving and caring and expressive.they have lot of empathy with others. They are storyteller and day dreamer..They are very sensual in their personal life…



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