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Parents are always knows the best and they always trying to do their best. But now a days technology are the second best. Baby’s technology has been moving right alone since long days back. Now a days you can be fully depends upon the latest baby gadgets For your new born. That’s  are easily available in the market or you can buy them online too.

No touch Thermometer :

When babies are sick or get temperature after vaccination, you will need to measure baby’s body temperature. they are pretty

cranky in that time. In such times you will need a no touch thermometer. Take baby’s body temperature without touching the

baby. Not even the forehead. You can use same device to measure the temperature of water in baby’s bath tub,

milk bottle, food etc.

You can easily buy it from Amazon .

Nasobuddy Baby Nasal Aspirator :

During change in weather most of babies catch cold . The mother can use this device to clean baby’s nose. It is one of the very recommended gadget to keep for new parents.

You can buy it from Amazon. 

Waterproof Crawl Mat for Baby :

Once your baby starts to crawl,thats

going to bring a lot of work for you.  This selected playmat is soft and

colorful, easily washable and most importantly big enough to cover the baby’s play area. It can be folded and rolled

to keep it in a corner of your room. Its alo you can buy from Amazon.

Mosquito Net :

This mosquito net is very easy to put on the bed. It can be folded easily and takes no space in your room. You can take it with you when you travel. Be is a relatives

place or a hotel.  Most importantly its easily washable. You can buy it from Amazon.

Nursery spa towel and clotting warmer :

Wrape your little one in cozey wormth everyday with this gadget.

Its jentely warms your baby’s clothing, towels, blanket, etc to a cozy temperature in less than 10minutes.its a great gadget for warming outware on a cold day..

This baby gadgets certainly aren’t essentials for feeding, diapering, or outfitting a baby, but they are  soo handy for making your life and the baby’s entry in the real world a lot easier.


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