8 Natural ways to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple throughout this winter


December month ,the season of cakes, pastry,fun ,joy, outing, Christmas, Santa, new-year. But this season brings us extreme dryness, chapped  flaky skin. Also for our little one. Your babyfeels extremely uncomfortable in this time. It is the time to starts taking special care for your newborn
Here are some simple and essential reminds to protect your baby’s skin from the dry weather through out the winter.

8 Natural ways to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple throughout this winter 

1.Oil massage  -Best way to keep your baby’s skin soft, supple, and safe during winter is giving an oil massage. You can use varity of essential oils, like virgin coconut oil, almond oil, Olive oil etc.

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2.Natural moisturizer-  Natural moisturizer can make easily at home. For this you need coconut oil, olive oil, oats powder.

ProcessTake 1/4th cup coconut oil and heat it. Then add 1to2 tbl spoon olive oil and 3/4th cup powder oats in it. Mix well. Keep stirring till it become creamy ..ready to use.

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3.Avocado – Avocado itself a nutritional power house. It provides many potential skin health benefits.. So mash the avocado and apply it over your baby’s skin jentely. Leave it for 5to 10 minutes and wash off.

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4.Alovera-  we know alovera is a natural moisturizer with its anti fungal, antibacterial property. Cut a piece of alovera plant, squeez out the gel, and apply jently over the baby’s skin, work till the gel absorbed.

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5.Oats milk bath– this just creat a magic for my little princess. It’s just heal your baby’s skin like no other products can do. Take some oats powder and mix it with a cup of hole milk stir well. Now pour the mixture to your baby’s luke warm bath..jently massage your baby’s skin.

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6.Vegetable diet- must include lots of veggies in your baby’s diet. Most of seasonal vegetables like carrot, tomato contain vitamin A. Which is necessary to your baby’s skin. It will keep your baby’s skin healthy

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7.Water intake- You should  try to feed youer baby, lots of water.it also healps to keep your baby’s skin healthy.

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8.Indoor humidity – Reducing the humidity of your house is one of the essential triggers for winter. Use a room humidifier in your house.you should open the window to let in the moist air, middle of the day..

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      We should know each kids are different from each other. What works with one, may not suit another. You should do a patch test before using any remedy for your baby’s skin… 


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