40+ Free Virtual Vacations Your Kids Will Love


Free virtual vacations can turn a frown upside down.

Parents, we get it. You are probably hearing a lot of “I’m Bored!”.

With the current state of things, lots of extraccuricular activities and vacations have been canceled. Heck, even the holiday celebrations have been cancelled around here.

So, what better way to cheer the kiddos up than with a virtual vacation the entire family can take together? The answer: nothing.

The free virtual vacations give you the opportunity to explore another part of the world without ever having to leave your home. No scorching hot heat, no crowds and best of all, no money having to be spent!

Just stick the money into that vacation fund piggy bank and once all of this stuff blows over, you can book that family vacay. Until then, these will (hopefully) tie everyone over.

Free Virtual Vacations For Families

virtual field trip

Interactive and Fun Virtual Trips

family taking online field trip

visit aquarium online

A Free Virtual Vacation Can Take You Anywhere!

pyramids virtual field trip

Explore The World for Free



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