We’ve put together 35 of the BEST Jack o Lantern Patterns for Halloween. These free pumpkin carving templates are sure to get you in a spooky mood for Halloween. You and your kids will have fun browsing through all of these pumpkin templates and choosing your very own to trace and carve this season.

Also check out our tutorial on How to Carve a Pumpkin.

jack o latern patterns

35 of the BEST Jack o Lantern Patterns

jack o latern patterns

Classic Jack o Lantern Patterns with Scary Good Results

  • We love the flying bat, creepy spider, and graveyard ghost pumpkin stencils in this Free Halloween Carving Patterns guide. -via Pumpkin Masters.
  • This Flying Bats free pumpkin carving template is sure to make the night more enchanting. -via About.com
  • These 20 Pumpkin Carving Templates are easy to cut out and will make you the envy of your neighborhood. -via vivent.SmartHome
  •  This is so smart! Did you know you probably already own a free pumpkin carving template at home? Check out the secret in these 5 Pumpkin Carving Hacks You Need to Know. -via Refinery29
  • We love these 15 Pumpkin Carving Templates that keep young kids in mind. -via Nest of Posies
  • I can’t get enough of this cute Halloween Owl pumpkin carving stencil. -via eHow
  • Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a Witch pumpkin template. -via The Pumpkin Lady
  • Here’s another Witch free pumpkin carving template. -via The Pumpkin Lady
  • Don’t forget the witch’s brew by printing this Witch Cauldren pumpkin carving stencil. -via Celebrating Halloween
  • Here’s a spooky collection of goblins, monsters, and scary creatures jack o lantern patterns. -via Cartoon Jr.
  • A Raven pumpkin template is always creepy for your Halloween Jack o Lantern. -via Fine Craft Guild

jack o latern patterns

Disney Inspired Jack o Lantern Patterns for Halloween

jack o latern patterns

Fun and Free Pumpkin Carving Templates Kids Will Love

  • Gotta CARVE them ALL! All these Pokemon pumpkin stencils this Halloween that is. -via Nintendo News
  • My little girl is going to fall head over heals for these Hello Kitty pumpkin stencils. -via Cartoon Jr.
  • Is anyone in your family a fan of Ghostbusters? Then you are going to need to download this Free Ghostbusters pumpkin carving template. -via Pumpkin Carving Templates
  • Have a kid that likes Mario Bros? Print out and carve this free Mario pumpkin template. -via Mario Mayhem
  • Your little Eddie Van Halen will love this Guitar jack o lantern pattern. Did I just give away my age? -via About.com
  • Scroll about halfway down the page for a Darth Vader Star Wars free pumpkin carving stencil.
  • Bring Star Wars to life this Halloween with these Princess Leia and Han Solo free jack o lantern patterns. -via Instructables
  • Another Darth Vader jack o lantern pattern you’ll want to download. -via Halloween Costumes
  • Lord of the Rings fans will love this Gandalf pumpkin carving template.
  • Peanutize your Halloween jack o lantern this year with a Great Pumpkin free pumpkin carving template. -via Creative-Type Dad
  • May the odds be ever in your favor with this free Hunger Games pumpkin carving template. -via Halloween Costumes
  • It may be way more involved than a template, but if you have Baby Shark fans in the house, you absolutely have to see the baby shark pumpkin family from Alphamom!


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