31Valuable things i know after 1week of being mama

There’s no denying it,After giving birth, your priorities change. You change. Different issues take precedence at
different stages of your life.thats why i write the things i knew after the 1week of being mother.  Life with a newborn is worlds away from the child-free life, .your most urgent thought after giving birth is,the person you were then is not the
person you are now. Research tells us that a mother is not the same person she was before having children.

  1. You will do anything for sleep.For example, a person who may have said she would never rock her child in a glider,all night just to get some shuteye will do just that. Hell, I would have swung on a swing at 3:00 in the morning by myself in a park to get my firstborn to sleep for longer than one hour at a time. Seriously.
  2. Don’t buy newborn clothes, or at least not much if you know you are having a bigger
  3. Stock up on nursing bras and tanks before baby arrives.Be careful of buying structured bras before your milk comes in.
  4. Just because they slept well two or tree nights doesn’t mean they’re going to be good sleepers.
  5. Fight the urge to be that annoying parent the brags about your child online.someone who gave birth a few weeks before me shared her sleeping tips for fellow new moms that her 2 week old has been sleeping 6 hours through the night since birth. What!? I thought babies were supposed to wake up every 4 max? You aren’t an expert after just 2 weeks (or one month) of giving birth.,
  6. Baby acne really does go away on its own. I had a few people give me suggestions for getting rid of it, breast milk, dandruff shampoo and a prescription.If 50% of babies get it, it must be normal and natural
  7. You won’t always be happy as a mother.
  8.  There will be times when you will want to cry in the corner.
  9. You will learn you are so much stronger than you thought.
  10.  Breast feeding really does get better! I shared my struggles with painful breast feeding early on. It was hard for me because it was so painful.By two weeks it was manageable and by 4 weeks, it was fine.
  11. Newborn photos have potential to be adorable but they also can be an expensive failure. While in the hospital still, I reached out to a few newborn photographers without much research on price or personal recommendations. I was shocked at how expensive they were but booked a appointment anyway! this was my first lesson in parenting on how you have to just go with the flow.
  12. Your child will inevitably hate the most expensive item you buy for them. I knew I needed soothing places to put my baby so I could attempt to work a little.first 5 weeks of life, she pretty much hated everything we put her in. If you want fancy stuff, look to buy it used because I’m sure there are many other parents out there who paid big  to soothe their kid and was only used a handful of times.
  13. Don’t change the diaper in the middle of the night unless you have to or your kid demands it through crying.this would totally wake them up.
  14. Not all reality stars have bad advice. An auther said in her book,  “When you have your first, you don’t know how long phases last. You don’t know when it get’s easier. With a second or third, you’ve been down the same path and can see the light at the end of the tunnel”..
  15. The first time you hear your child laugh, you will find a part of your heart that you did not realize existed, and it wil make you smile..
  16. You will learn as you go, and that is just fine. Your kids will somehow think you know what you’re doing, untilthey’re teenagers, of course, and then you are suddenly the biggest idiot on the planet.
  17. You will feel judged by others.
  18. You will empathize with other mothers in public. You are now part of the club,and sticking together is how we survive.
  19. You will sit and stare at a wall while your child naps, because you haven’t had a moment to yourself in who knows how long.
  20. You will learn to let some things go.
  21. You will sometimes miss who you once were.
  22. You will learn from your children.
  23. You will experience love that is all-encompassing, beautiful, terrifying and endless.
  24. You will come out of each day tired, but strong.
  25. You are more prepared for this gig than you give yourself credit for.
  26. You are not perfect, but neither is the mother next to you or the one next to her. It is the one thing we all have in common.
  27. You will doubt yourself.
  28. You will at some point sound like your mother and it will make you both cringe and giggle.
  29.  You will share information with your friends that you never would have thought was appropriate before kids.
  30. You will feel protective in a way you never thought possible.
  31. You will love your spouse in a different way than you did before you had children.


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