30+ Super Fun Math Games That Your Kids Will Love


Math games are a great way to practice your math skills while having fun.   There are plenty of ways to start introducing your kids to math skills without using a workbook.   We love to have fun!

We found these and so much more fun over on our  Facebook page  and our  activity link-ups.  Head over and share your activities, too! Also be sure to check out our preschool math activities for more educational fun!

30+ Super Fun Math Games

30+ Super Fun Math Games

1.   These money math worksheets are a great way to not only learn about math, but money! – via Kids Activities Blog

2.   Post it note sudoku is a fun way to get your child to not only learn their numbers while working on their critical thinking. – via School Time Snippets

3.   Outdoor skip counting will help your child learn to count by 10’s and active. – via Life with Moore Babies

4.   This quilt math game is a super simple and cute board game that your children will love. They won’t even know they’re doing math. – via Pre-K Pages

5.    This shopping vegetable math game will help teach your children to count with things you have already in your kitchen! – via Fantastic Fun & Learning

6.   Dice, buttons, bugs, the ladybug roll and cover math game is a blast. – via Fun Learning For Kids

7.   Little Bunny printable math games are a great way to be creative and learn math with adorable little critters. – via Kids Activities Blog

8.   Learning takeaways is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. This subtraction game will make your child forget they’re learning! – via A Mom With A Lesson Plan

9.   Ping pong counting is a great way to not only learn numbers, but work on your child’s matching skills as well.- via Where Imagination Grows

10.   This dollar tree game teaches money and math through fun! – via School Time Snippets

30+ Super Fun Math Games

11.   This math board game is a great way for your child to learn while spending time with you.- via Life Over C’s

12.   Find the coin under cups works on your child’s memory skills and makes them focus a little harder. – via Meaningful Mama

13.   Love being outside? This preschool number recognition is a great educational outdoor activity. – via Creekside Learning

14.   Bear math is a great math game that involves gummy bears! Who doesn’t love gummy bears? – via Fantastic Fun & Learning

15.   Gin Rummy is a classic card game that involves quite a bit of math. – via High Hill Homeschool

16.   Number bowling is a great way to learn math, be active, and recycle plastic bottles. It is a win win!- via Learn with Play At Home

17.   This spring flower math game is super cute and involves flower picking.  – via B-Inspired Mama

18.   Thecandy kiss game is super sweet! – via Fantastic Fun & Learning

19.    Get moving with this ‘Stomp It!’ game. – via Creekside Learning

20.   Have some old dominoes? This simple domino math for preschoolers will put them to great use. – via Teach Preschool

30+ Super Fun Math Games

21.   This number maze is an excellent stem activity. – via Hands On As We Grow

22.   We live in a technology dominated world. Put that screen time to good use with these multiplication apps for kids. – Kids Activities Blog

23.   You’ll want to “catch them all” with this Pokemon math activity using Pokemon cards.- via No Time for Flash Cards

24.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to help your child learn. You will love these budget friendly math games. – via The Educators’ Spin On It

25.  Legos and Baseball? It doesn’t get much better than this lego baseball math game. – via Teach Mama.

26.   If You Give A Mouse A Cookie game is based on the children’s classic book so your child can learn both reading and math! – via Rainy Day Mum

27.   Remember all the different games at the fair and how much fun they were? Recreate that fun with this educational ring toss for preschoolers. – via Love and Marriage

28.   Have some extra file folders in your office? Then you have what you need for these preschool file folder math games. – via File Folder Fun

29.   This math flower power game is great for anyone who loves flowers. – via Not Just Cute

30.  This subtraction math game is great for multiple players. – via Buggy and Buddy

31.   Your kids will love this diy math puzzler! –  via Kids Activities Blog

32.  Math doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are the easiest ways to practice math with kids. – via  Kids Activities Blog

We Have Even More Educational Games We Think You’ll Like:


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