30 Ovaltine Recipes You Didn’t Know Existed


There are so many delicious Ovaltine recipes you can make!

We found the best and put it all out for you to drool on (just kidding) and hopefully make some yourself, because you all know, how much we love sweet things here at Kids Activities Blog.

ovaltine recipes

Recipes You Didn’t Know Existed

Ovaltine chocolate pudding. via Meals

Homemade chuckles. via Jesska

Ovaltine macaroons. via Karenskitchenstories

Malted milk shakes. via marthastewart

Chocolaty Ovaltine Recipes

Marbled chocolate malt marshmallows. via Notsohumblepie

Ovaltine brownies. via Meals

Ovaltine crisped rice treats. via Kidsactivitiesblog

yummy ovaltine recipes

Really Good Ovaltine Recipes

Easy caramel mocha latte. via Anightowlblog

Ovaltine nutella cookies. via Dailywaffle

Malted gooey cake bars. via Crazyforcrust

ovaltine recipes cover

Easy Ovaltine Recipes

Ovaltine panini. via Meals

Ovaltine banana “ice cream”. via Nestleusa

Ovaltine thins with cinnamon sugar. via Technicolorkitcheninenglish

Ovaltine marshmallow cake. via Sugar-stories

ovaltine cookies

Cookies and whoopie pies…

Easy ovaltine sugar cookies. via Meals

Ovaltine whoopie pie recipe. via Thecottagemarket

ovaltine recipes pin

It tastes better with Ovaltine….

Frozen ovaltine banana pops. via Meals

Ovaltine pancakes. via Meals

Ovaltine pudding with honeyed rice krispies. via Saveur

ovaltine recipes tasty

Ovaltine french toast. via Meals

Black bottom ovaltine banana bread. via Meals

hot cocoa mix made from Ovaltine. via Wonkywonderful

Ovaltine shortbread cookies. via Alidabakes

ovaltine desserts recipes

Ovaltine fruit dip. Holly says it’s magical. Find it at Kidsactivitiesblog

Chocolate covered strawberry popsicles which according to some kids are ‘the perfect’ food Kidsactivitiesblog

Ovaltine banana muffins for breakfast – meals

More Ovaltine Recipes

So did you pick your favorite Ovaltine Recipe? We hope you did find your favorite and got to make some of these delicious desserts.


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