Being a parents, everything we choose for our little one has to be best and the choice are difficult also . Parenting is such a difficult task and as the same time it is so amazing. Everything about our kids is very important , especially the food.Nutritious and healthy food is essential for our kids to build a good foundation of a healthy body and mind also. But are we sure we are giving them the right and healthy foods to eat??? Here are some harmful food that we feeding them unknowingly.
List of 15 Harmful Foods, We Unknowingly Feed Our Kids

  1. Pizza – The most popular junk food nowadays is Pizza. Do we know that it is made up of some very unhealthy ingredients. It contains very high amount of calories, saturated fats which are very dangerous for our kids.
  2. Raw Milk– Milk is very essential thing for our child. So we never think before giving our kids a glass of milk. But do we know unpasteurized milk can easily catch food born disease in kids .so raw milk should never be fed to kids.
  3. Candies – Candies has large amount of artificial colour , artificial flavour, and it has a large amount of sugar also. Our child have week digestive system. So it is quiet difficult for there system to break those artificial things. So it leads to stomach pain. In facts candies can cause tooth cavity .which is also harmful to tooth and stomach.
  4. White Bread– It is made of flour,and flour contains high amount of gluten . gluten is hard to digest for our kids.
  5. Sauces– It has preservatives and many harmful ingredients which are unhealthy for our kids. It has also artificial colour and artificial flavour .
  6. Breakfast Cereals  – Nowadays breakfast cereals are made so colourful ,testy, and so many flavours which is grab the attention of our kids so easily. But do we know it is one of the harmful things , that our kids might be eating. Huge amount of sugar used in these cereals can make our kids sick.
  7. Aerated Drinks – It contains a large amount of calories and sugar. This huge amount of sugar can cause various health problems. This is the most dangerous things we can ever give our kids.
  8.  Cookies ,Pastries ,Cakes –  They had no essentials nutrients but lots of calories and a large amount of sugar. When they are unhealthy for adults ,then imagine how these will harm our kids.
  9. Honey –  Honey contain bacteria which can cause serious infectious disease. Kids bellow 2years have very weak immune system so they can easily be affected by the bacteria.
  10. Instant Popcorn – It contains a acid which is used so that the popcorn does not catch fire while preparing in the microwave. This chemical can create harmful effects on our kids.
  11. Juice  – When our kids drink juice they don’t get fiber that present in fruits..juice can also cause over nutrients. Because it so calori dence. Too much juice can also cause tooth decay.,
  12. Potato chips – It contains a large number of calories , salt and bad fat. When they consumed that the platlate in their blood skicker.
  13. Fruit snacks – Gummy fruits snacks like jelly fruits roll are nothing but sugar.all it has artificial colour and flavour.
  14. Frozen Foods – Frozen foods are usually high in sodium ,saturated fats, and preservatives. It contains poor quality ingredients. It’s calorie counts and fats are too high for kids.
  15. Granola bars –  Most of the bars offers very little protine and fiber. They hit kds with so much sugar ,all at once that its the same as feeding them candy.

Therefore you need to immediately stop if you are feeding this things to your kids to keep them healthy.


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