100 Sight Words Activities To Help Your Kids Read Faster


We have found 100 sight words activities that can be really helpful for kids learning to read. Learning sight words helps you learn to read faster by being able to identify frequently used words without having to sound them out.

More than 100 sight words activities collage with a kid playing with bottle caps, sight words on toy cars, sight words card with a bowl of small toys, a blown up ball with sight words on it, a cupcake pan with sight words in it, and sight words inside a plastic bottle.

100 Sight Words Activities

We have over 100 sight words activities that your kids will love because they are so much fun, they don’t feel like learning!

Holiday Sight Words Activities

Try this Halloween sight word  game for a fun way to learn and celebrate.

Halloween sight word game with orange sight word cards sticking out of green playdough with a mini black cauldron behind it.

Check out this Halloween-themed printable sight word game, perfect for the spoopy holiday! Via Brainpower Family.

Have some fall fun with this adorable pumpkin sight word game. Via Learning Ahoy.

Pumpkin sight word game with a small yellow bucket with a pumpkin on it and white cards with pumpkins and letters on them.

Have some Thanksgiving fun with this entertaining Feed the Turkey sight word game! Via Life with Moore Learning

Celebrate the lucky holiday with a Saint Patrick’s Day printable for sight word fun! Via 3 Boys and a Dog

Sight Words Activities to Do Outside

Go outside and get moving with sight word hop! This fun game from Preschool Powol Packets is easy to create and lots of fun.

Outdoor sight word game with the words "cat" and "set" written in chalk on a sidewalk.

With this ball sight word game, you can write sight words on a large beach ball and practice by tossing the ball and reading a word.

Beach ball sight word game with little kid holding a colorful beach ball that has sight words written on it.

Another fun ball game gets kiddos active with a sight word basketball game. Via Toddler Approved

Sight word basketball game with a little boy dribbling a basketball on sight word cards placed on a driveway.

This sight word game also uses chalk, but this time you get to use remote control cars to play! Via There’s Just One Mommy

Sight Words Games with Toys

Make sight word cards and pair them with small toys to make sentences.

Sight words written on green cards on and spread out on a yellow table next to a green bowl of various toys.

Once they have started to master the words, have them play this fun drag race game from Playdough to Plato.

Drag race sight word game with sight words written on small stickers and placed on small car toys on a wooden background.

Work on math sight words like same, less and than. This comes with a free printable.

Math sight word game with sight word cards and toys forming sentences on a wooden background.

Make this fun sight word game where kids get to knock down blocks with sight words taped to them from Toddler Approved.

Knock down blocks sight word game with sight words written on colorful stacked blocks on a wooden floor.

Other Neat Sight Words Activities

This fun game called Erudition is an easy way to teach sight words.

You can make your own magnetic board with truck magnets for fun and easy sight word learning! Via No Time for Flash Cards

Truck magnet sight word game with sight words written on yellow and red truck magnets.

Make snacks!  Use alphabet cookie cutters to bake cookies that your kids can use to spell out sight words. Via JDaniel4’s Mom

Have some early literacy fun with this neat sight word activity involving Bananagrams. Via There’s Just One Mommy

Bananagrams sight word activity with Bananagrams pack and letters scattered around it.

Check Out the 100 Sight Words Activities!


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